10 Best Destinations to Travel After You Graduate

Life as a student has the best memorable as well as most intimidating times- the rushes to reach class on time, hectic schedules, burning the midnight oil to complete those crucial projects, the relief of getting over with the last paper and finally graduating and celebrating with your friends before drifting into separate ways in your life. Before plunging into the real world of ultimate slogging where work dominates every minute of your life, take a break and explore the world to celebrate your life. The time after your graduation and before you step into the your career is the moment to get away from it all for once, rejuvenate and live your travel dreams. Though travel seems to be an expensive affair for a college student, there are plenty of destinations which can suit your budget as well as give you a great vacation experience.


1. Thailand



Arguably one of the most sought after as well as affordable destination in the world, Thailand charms every wanderer with its rich Thai culture, serene landscapes and scattered tropical islands. Not to miss the vibrant hub of the country, Bangkok which is quite well known for its happening nightlifeshopping, marvellous Thai temples and pagodas, and Thai cuisine. 


2. Netherlands



Famous for tulips, picturesque countryside and nightlife, Netherlands has an enchanting charm to allure youngsters. Amsterdam offers low-priced and restful accommodation right from budget hotels to hostels.    


3. Dubai


One of world’s dynamic cities, Dubai is a place which has many wonders and some of world’s first and the best feats. The amazing city is a great stop over destination and offers amazing accommodations, extravagant nightlife, shopping variations, best of world cuisines, extraordinary attractions and international events – in short anything you could possibly want to experience. 


4. Ireland


A country known for literature, scenic landscapes, cheerful nightlife, music and high spirits, this tiny island‘s diversity and compact size makes it easily accessible. There is plenty to see and getting around is easy as Ireland has a fine rail and bus service which are convenient on your pocket. 


5. Sri Lanka



The teardrop country may look miniscule but packs a whole lot of heritage ancient sites, stunning landscapes, wilderness and beaches. 


6. Indonesia


An amazing archipelago of tropical islands with magnificent sceneries, Indonesia gives you a vast choice to explore. There is plenty to see such as rolling hills of lush green rice terraces, dense jungle, exotic wildlife, and pristine beaches. 


7. Cambodia


Cambodia is an exotic land with a combination of cultural and historical highlights, and pristine natural vistas. Since tourism in Cambodia is still in its catching on phase, there is plenty of opportunities to explore this serene country on a fixed budget with accommodation , food and accessibility on reasonable costs. 


8. Peru


“The land of the Incas” holds a mystical charm and intrigues you with ancient tales and enigmatic places. A trip to Peru gets you near the Amazons and Andeas which are some of the world’s exotic places. 


9. Bulgaria



The Balkan nation is a treasure trove of mountainous landscapes, alpine forests, beautiful countryside villages, countless monasteries and stretches of sandy beaches


10. Turkey



Experience the amalgamation of East and West in Turkey. Split by the Bosphorus Strait, the country’s culture, lifestyle and cuisine all give you a beautiful blend of European and Asian characteristic. 


Source: Wonderslist


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