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10 Most Amazing Restaurants in the World

Why do we visit a restaurant? The answer is pretty simple. A visit to a fine restaurant guarantees a sumptuous meal and a fine ambiance. Well, some extraordinary restaurants in the world don’t just stop at that. Once you step in those eateries, it is a whole new experience you gather- one to treasure forever. Let us explore some of the quirkiest restaurants in this planet. From bizarre locations to weird choice of waiters, mind-boggling cooking style to acrobatic skills of the staff, this list has it all. 


10. ‘S Baggers, Nuremberg, Germany



The functioning of this restaurant must have been inspired by some sci-fi movie. Guests have to order here over a computer.


9. KinderkookCafe, Amsterdam, Netherlands



At Kinderkook, talented chefs serve mouth-watering delicacies to the guests. 


8. Dinner In The Sky, Brussels, Belgium




Man’s love affair with the skies is known to all. From ancient times, we have longed to fly like birds. Now here is an aerial treat for the fine dining lovers. 


7. El Diablo, Canary Island, Spain




How about enjoying a gourmet meal cooked atop a volcano? If this sound fascinating to you, then El Diablo is where you need to be!


6. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives




Wine and dine is the culture in this man-made underwater tunnel. . Watch the fishes swim over your head as you enjoy a toast of luxury 16 feet below sea level. 


5. Labassin Waterfall Restaurant, Philippines




Savour a luncheon at the foot of a waterfall in the South-Eastern nation of Phillippines. The menu includes authentic local dishes and the ambience is lush green. 


4. Fangweng Restaurant, Yichang, China




Dangling hundreds of feet above the mighty Yangtze river, this restaurant is built in a cave. 


3. Kayabukiya tavern, Japan




Walk in this eatery , seat yourself, place an order and be surprised! Instead of waiters and waitresses, you will find cute monkeys serving the food! 


2. Snow Castle Restaurant, Kemi, Finland




Kemi boasts of the biggest snow fort in the world which is rebuilt every winter. Each year the architecture differs but the three features that repeat themselves include the Snow Restaurant.


1. Treepoddining, Soneva Kiri Resort,Thailand




If your pockets run deep enough and you appreciate the value of a gourmet meal then waste no time and leave for Soneva Kiri Resort, KohKood Island. 


Source: Wonderslist

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