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Top 10 Strangest Buildings in the World

The world owes some of its strangest structures to the masterminds of unconventional architects, who have painted their weird expressions through brick and mortar. The architecture’s field has contributed with many man-made structures and huge buildings to challenge nature's boundless miracles. Modern architecture has brought many amazing buildings to the world. Quirky shapes, ambitious designs, new materials, and new different styles have come with the modern architecture into construction today. Sky scrapers reaching to the clouds and gigantic structures of metal are common sights in almost all corners of the world. Architects have designed great splendor which then became reality. The purpose of the building is not always seen in its design. Futuristic museums andopera houses have become a usual thing. Here, we list some most amazing, strangest buildings in the world.

10. National Centre for the Performing Arts | China


Beijing National Grand Theater, The Egg, Tiananmen, Beijing, China

9. Cubic Houses | Rotterdam, Netherlands



8. Biosphere Environmental Museum | Montreal



7. Forest Spiral | Germany



6. Habitat 67 | Montreal, Canada



5. La Pedrera | Spain



4. Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum | Brazil



3. Dancing House | Czech Republic



2. Stone House | Portugal



1. The Crooked House | Poland




Source: Wonderslist

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